How to cope with stress with ease


Everyone can feel a little stressed and overwhelmed from time to time and if will not be careful enough the even small stressors can end up causing damage to your health. Being stressed affects both your whole being body and mind and disrupts their functions. This can lead to illness such as being depressed, having headaches and many more.

While having stress is inevitable, however, choosing how to deal with the different stressful situation is all that counts. In this article we will look at what causes stress and how to manage it.

What causes stress?

Negative thoughts

When you have gone through a stressful situation and you keep replaying it over and over it will cause to relieve that situation. Focusing on the negative outcome of a situation does not make it easier to go through but only projects negative thoughts for the future.


There are a lot of things that require our attention all the time. Deciding what to handle first and what to be done later can be tricky. In most cases procrastination is done for many reasons, however, if not done for the right reason but due to fear of what you need to do or being overwhelmed. This can cause you to stress and frustrated.

Being Late

There are many reasons that can make someone to be late, some of which can be out of your control. Some of the reasons are because of your doing maybe due to laziness of going to a place or waking up on time. Also being afraid to say no to things or to work you are assigned to with very limited time. This can cause feeling of anger and stress, along with the stress you already have about being late.

Negative Social media comments

Over sharing on social media can also make us very vulnerable, making us more likely to get hurt buy negative comments said by your friends or any one on social media. Also comparing yourself what people post on social media can bring stress in your life.

How to deal with stress

Take time to rest.

Take a break from everything in your life for a while and have time for yourself. Involve yourself in activities such as yoga practice, listening to cool music, meditating, getting a massage and learning many relaxation techniques. Stepping aside from the stressful situation helps clear your head.

Eat well and get enough sleep

Always take well balanced meals at the right time and do not skip any meals. Also limit your caffeine and alcohol intake as they trigger panic attacks and aggravate anxiety. When stressed your body needs to rest additional sleep hence in is good to ensure you have adequate sleep every day.

Do work outs daily

Have time to do exercises daily to maintain your health and balance your hormones. You can also train yourself on your breathing by taking deep breaths when you encounter stressful situation and count one to ten repetitively.

Always do your best

It is impossible to do everything perfectly as some things do not happen the way we want them. Instead of aiming for perfection be proud of your achievements and accepts that you cannot control everything.

Maintain a positive attitude.

Change the way you think by replacing negative thoughts with the positive ones. Always keep a smile in your face and have fun. Keep your mind occupied by getting involved in other activities such as volunteer work to take a break from your stressful situation.

Talk to someone.

Talk to a friend and family when you are stressed or feeling overwhelmed, and let them know how they can help you. You can also go to a physician or therapist for professional help and who can enable you to figure out what causes your anxiety.


Everyone can have stress but the decision to try stay in the situation hinders you to have a healthy lifestyle. As seen in the above article there many causes of stress but also there are ways to deal with it. If you put the above tips to practice, you will have the necessary tools to deal with stress.

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